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Spin SamuraiResponsible Gambling
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Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming

When it comes to gaming, Spin Samurai is all about encouraging ethical behavior. Spin Samurai is committed to ensuring that its users have a positive and secure gaming experience. Thanks to the casino's dedication to player protection and ethical betting, it’s a popular go-to place for those seeking just such conditions.

One of the easiest ways to remain within your chosen budget is to place betting limits on your account. This way you can control how much you spend each time you play, and once you reach your limit, you shouldn’t increase it to avoid spending more than you should.

Visit the Personal Limits tab in the account section to add limits to your account. You will have full control over how long the limits will last.

These are the limits that are available at Spin Samurai Casino:

  • Deposit Limit – this will limit the amount you can deposit.

  • Loss Limit – this will limit the amount you can lose while playing at a given time frame.

  • Session Limit – this will limit the amount of time you can play.

  • Wager Limit – this will limit the amount you can bet.

Self-Assessment Test

Self-Assessment Test

A self-assessment test is a great way that will help you know whether you have developed an addiction or not.

This is a set of questions that you have to answer, and it comes without saying that you have to be honest when you do.

  • Do you often lose track of time while playing online casino games?

  • Do you skip school or work to gamble?

  • Do you sometimes feel unhappy because of gambling?

  • Do you feel that your reputation is ruined because of gambling?

  • Do you feel remorse after gambling?

  • Do you gamble to earn money to solve financial difficulties?

  • Do you feel a lack of ambition because of gambling?

  • Do you feel you have to return and win back the money you have lost gambling?

  • Do you feel a strong urge to play even more after a win?

  • Do you gamble until you lose all your money?

  • Do you borrow money to gamble?

  • Do you sell your personal belongings to finance your gambling?

  • Do you have a separate fund for gambling that you are reluctant to use for anything else?

  • Do you care more about your gambling habit than about your family and friends?

  • Do you usually play longer than you have planned to?

  • Do you usually gamble to escape worry or loneliness?

  • Have you ever thought of committing a crime to finance your gambling?

  • Do you have difficulty sleeping due to your gambling habits?

  • Do you have an urge to gamble after arguments and disagreements?

  • Do you have an urge to celebrate any good fortune with gambling?

If you have answered with a ‘yes’ to most of the questions, then we suggest it is a time to take a break from gambling and seek professional help.



If you have difficulty finding a middle ground between how much you want to play and how much you can afford to play, then it is a good idea to exclude yourself from gambling, at least for some time. You can activate this preventive measure when you contact Customer Support.

Reality Check

Reality Check

One of the most common problems that problem gamblers face is the inability to stop playing. Cooling off period is the answer here, and it will allow you to step back and regain control of how often you play.

You can contact Customer Support to add this function to your account.

During this time you will not be able to make a deposit to your account and play for real money. It is your decision for how long you want the cooling-off period to last.

Age Verification

Age Verification

When you create an account at Spin Samurai Casino you will have to go over a verification procedure to prove that you are of legal age to gamble.

The casino only accepts players who are of legal age to gamble. Spin Samurai constantly monitors gaming activity for underage gaming and if they suspect that your account has been used by a minor they will automatically shut down such an account.

If you have an account at the casino and you have minors living with you, then we suggest you install software that will prohibit access to online casinos.

Here are some options you can choose from: