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Browse the Best Online Casinos by Country

Almost all online casinos list countries that they are active in and offer their services. Listing countries can also be a way for online casinos to show how they offer customer support. Even if they dont offer a specific language they could still offer support for that country.

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Gambling has been an attractive venue for entertainment and profits for as long as man has existed. The very nature of risking something for a greater payoff induces excitement in the human mind. While it is difficult to pinpoint when and where gambling originated, many historians and experts believe it all began in ancient China. Therefore, China has the largest and most complicated history of gambling in the world.

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United States

Online gambling in the USA does have two sides. Online gambling is regulated o n state basis meaning that different states do have different laws. Right now you can enjoy gambling in Nevada, Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania. In most states you can play lottery and racetrack betting. Make sure the casinos have a license and proven fair in independent audits.

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United Kingdom

The history of the small shops for sports betting goes way back when William Hill in the 30’s set up their shops. Today the gambling market for online casinos are regulated and therefore it requires a license to operate. The license make sure the casino are following terms and conditions and respects the marketing guidelines.

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Australia is a country located between the Pacific and Indian Oceans in the southern hemisphere. The state has a population of around 24 million people; the majority of which live on the island's populous eastern coast. Despite the most significant city being Sydney, the capital is Canberra. You can play online casino games in Australia.

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Top Online Casinos in Europe

Casinos have been around in Europe for centuries, so there is no surprise that online casinos have had a tremendous success in Europe.

    Europe is a large place and some online casinos are more popular in the north of Europe and other casinos are favored in the south of Europe. If you are keen to look at a specific country’s rating, CasinoRank™ has reviewed each countries most popular online casino in each respective country.

    Another reason for online casinos to list countries could also be for legal reasons. Not all countries are prepared ot offer their own citizens the free will option of online casino gambling. Most countries move in a more liberal and open direction due to the interest of their people and voters. If you wish to be more on the safe side, choose a online casino that supports your country and maybe even language.

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