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Best Online Casino Bonuses in 2021

Players should know what type of bonuses they can expect when joining an online casino. Bonuses can range from welcome rewards, respins, high roller bonuses, and free spin bonuses. Each bonus is awarded for a specific event, e.g., bettors can achieve a high roller bonus if they frequently bet and in large amounts.

This usually results in higher odds and better payouts. A match bonus can be earned, which means any deposit is matched by an equivalent free stake. This doubles any gambler's betting potential. For the most reliable information on what bonuses are available and which are the best, read CasinoRank™.

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Online Casino

Birthday Bonus

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Bonus Codes

The bonus codes are the home of all bonuses from the beginning. It’s what it sounds like, a bonus that is tied to a code which gives everyone that uses the code at the online casino a bonus. The bonus codes are nowadays mostly used for exclusive bonuses like one-day specials or if the casino wants to promo a partners customer base with an extra beneficial bonuses offer.

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Deposit Bonus

The deposit bonus is a casino bonus that you get when you make your first deposit to an online casino. The deposit bonus is often a match bonus on your deposited amount. For example, 100% top up on your first deposit up to a certain amount.

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Free Spins Bonus

Welcome to our page about free spins. We list the best free spins bonuses and share secrets about how you turn free spins bonuses into real money.

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Reload Bonus

The reload bonus is one of the most sought bonuses in the gambling world. As you can hear on the name, it’s a bonus you get when you reload your account with another deposit. Many online casinos are offering welcome packages, which is a deposit bonus the first couple of deposits, the reload bonus though, are more used as a way to lure the customer base in general to make another deposit.

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Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus is used as both a sign-up bonus and someti me s its the name for the deposit bonus. What’s common in both cases is that you need to be a new registered customer to have the right to get the bonus.

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Cashback Bonus

An online casino bonus refers to the various rewards which players receive for doing specific tasks in a casino. These include signing up, making deposits, playing loyally and referring new members, among other things. Bonuses are a way for casinos to attract and retain players in their houses.

As indicated, different casino bonuses are dependant on the particular action the house wants to encourage. These bonuses differ both in the amount and the terms which are attached to using them. One thing that applies to all bonuses, however, is that they can only be used to play within that particular casino.

Online Casinos with most bonuses

Online Casinos often offer several kinds of bonuses and some casinos are niched in a special kind of bonus. But some online casino are keen to offer the most kinds of bonuses offered to their players.

    For some players they are already keen on their specific bonuses. Some players love the free money bonus and others favor the no deposit bonus. CasinoRank™ has reviewed online casino and listed them in accordance to bonuses.

    Best Casino Bonus

    Again, all casino bonuses come with some terms attached. While every single bonus looks good from afar, some conditions make them far from good. As a result, it is undoubtedly always advisable to look at the finer details, rather than the actual bonus amount which a casino is offering.

    There are terms such as the duration which a bonus remains valid, the wagering requirements and the particular games you may use it to play. Some bonuses are huge but end up being useless, because of the terms attached; others may not be very lucrative but offer actual value to casino game players.

    Free Casino Bonus

    Easy come, easy go; this is the best policy when it comes to casino games. Do not look at free plays as a way to make money. No matter how much you feel like it is time to send the casino out of business, bonuses are not the best means.

    Instead, focus on using free bonuses as a way to have fun in the casino. Use them to play games you may not be familiar with, or place bets you would not ordinarily take a second look at. Generally, you should look at bonuses as a way to familiarize yourself with the casino.

    Turn Casino Bonus to Real Money

    If you are willing to meet the bonus terms and conditions, then, by all means, go ahead and play with the hope for real money. Use them to place bets on games which you have researched well, and where you have a good shot of winning.

    That said, bonuses usually work just for high rollers; people who go into casinos without fear of burning thousands of dollars in a session. If, for example, they are matching your deposit, do not make a large deposit, as you may be required to use a lot of money to trigger your winnings.

    Casino Bonus Wagering Requirements

    A wagering requirement is the single most limiting factor of any casino bonus. It is a method used by gaming houses to ensure that in the end, you do not run away with easy money. A wagering requirement is a multiplication of the bonus which you must use, to activate winnings from a bonus.

    If you receive a bonus of $500 and it has a 10x wagering requirement attached, you will have to use $5000 from your pocket in the casino, before any winnings you get from the bonus can reflect in your withdrawable money section. Can you imagine how it is to have money you can't withdraw?

    Latest news

    Five Biggest Online Casino Jackpot

    Five Biggest Online Casino Jackpot


    Online casino gambling can become great fun, particularly if you play progressive jackpot games. No matter whether it is on slots, table games, blackjack or video poker, a lot of lucky gamers have been fortunate enough to smash extremely high, life-changing figures and live to tell they are incredible stories.

    You Want to Start Gambling? Read this before

    You Want to Start Gambling? Read this before


    The internet is undoubtedly one of human civilization's greatest inventions. The internet has undeniably transformed the way we live by offering instant access to data, entertainment, and money-making possibilities for those with access to a computer or mobile device. The online gambling community is one sector of society that has profited immensely from the internet.

    Types of Online Casino Bonuses

    Types of Online Casino Bonuses


    There are multiple ways a player can benefit by playing online casino games. One of the main benefits is by taking advantage of online casino bonuses. Most of the online casino sites offer handsome promotions such as welcome and reload bonuses. They also offer game specific and no deposit offers.

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