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Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks

Everyone who has tried casino games knows that they are fun and can bring excitement to your life. So once you learn your way around the software and you find the games that you prefer to play regularly, you probably want to learn how to be a better gambler.

Here are 10 tips that you can incorporate in your gameplay to become a better gambler and not lose all your money at once.

  • Always place small bets – It is completely okay to place large bets if you can afford it. But, we advise you to find a game that is within your budget and start with low stakes and if your session is successful or you are on a lucky streak then you should gradually increase your bet. But never increase your bet when it threatens to clean out your account.

  • Conservative betting strategies – Gambling requires patience, and you will have a successful gaming session if you play slow. Never chase losses because that is a sure way to failure. Playing slow will pay in the long run for sure.

  • Learn the RTP percentage of the game – When you know the Return to Payer percentage of a game you will better understand how often the game pays out. If you are always playing games with low RTP then it is almost impossible to end up with a huge amount of money on your balance. You can find the RTP of a given game with a quick Google search.

  • Stay focused – When you play casino games you need to be relaxed, focused and with a sharp mind. There are some games that you play that require your full attention and others that are not so demanding. Anyhow, you need to be at your best because you need to make some decisions regarding your bets and many more things.

  • Cash-out after a big win – If you win big, consider withdrawing your winnings. If you continue playing there is a great chance that you will be carried away, and maybe you will place large bets and lose all your money.

  • Know your game – When you want to try out a new game you should read something about it before you play it. Maybe you can learn some new strategies you can employ in your gameplay for example.

  • Set a budget – This is the most obvious advice, but many players tend to forget about it. It is a smart move to set a daily, weekly and monthly budget so you can be in better control of your money. If you find yourself going below your weekly limit too fast, for instance, then that is a clear sign you need to slow down a bit.

  • Shop around – You don't have to stick to only one game. You can explore different games and get out of your comfort zone. Maybe you will find that you are good at something else, like roulette for instance.

  • Take part in tournaments – If you believe that you have been getting good in some game then you should consider joining a tournament per se. You will have the opportunity to put your skills to the test but also earn some good cash too.

  • Learn from others – You can join some communities and learn some new strategies from a fellow enthusiast.

If you are eager to learn new things you will get better at casino games as well. At Ruby Fortune, you can play games in fun mode and practice as much as you want. Once you feel confident enough you can start playing for real money. Please remember to keep your bank balance in the green and be smart when you play.

Strategies for playing online slots

Strategies for playing online slots

Online video slot games are governed by a Random Number Generator. So there is not a proven strategy that will guarantee you a win, but that doesn't mean you can't take things in your control, for that matter.

There are ways in which you can play, that will allow you to become more experienced and offer you better winning opportunities. Knowing how online slots work will help you in a great way to improve your gameplay.

For that reason, we have gathered the most important information in one place just for you, so consider them the next time you decide to play.

Choose reliable online slots – It is very important to find a trusted casino like Ruby Fortune is when you want to play online slots. This is a clear sign that you have chosen an online slot with the best quality and best RTP payouts. Some online slots may void your wins when a failure occurs during your gameplay, but we assure you that that will not happen when you play at Ruby Fortune.

Always play smart – When you play online slots you should manage your budget well and never let be carried away. Set your budget and stay within its limits. You should also change the way you are thinking. Small wins are wins and they eventually add up to your balance.

You can't play and expect big wins only. Also, make use of bonuses they greatly enhance your budget the moment you start playing so thanks to them you can have a longer session.

Return to player rate and odds – Each game at an online casino has an RTP which is updated regularly and displayed within the game. So in general, those games that have a higher RTP are better to play because they offer bigger payouts.

Players are usually lured to online slots that are more complex and offer more symbols and more pay lines, but the truth is that you will find better odds at more simple slots. For instance, the classic three-reel slots have fewer pay lines and fewer symbols so that allows them to make more winning combinations.

Winning streaks – When you are on a winning streak we advise you to walk away. You should bet a small portion of winnings because the truth is winning streaks end. If you play smart you may walk away rich men.

The best thing you can do is to bet minimum bets and wisely increase the bets. You should bet a portion of the winnings and when you start to lose then you should simply walk away. You can never know what the next spin will bring, it can be a losing one or it can be the one that triggers the jackpot, you can never know. This is the thrill of the game, not knowing what will happen next.

Tips for Live Casino games

Tips for Live Casino games

Live casino games are becoming more and more popular each day. These games are quite different from RNG games and beginners should be careful with some things. In general, they follow the same rules but there are some differences that you need to keep in mind.

One thing that beginners might not be aware of is the fact that live games are indeed going live. They are streamed from a casino room or a studio and whatever you are looking at your screen is happening. The dealer will be interacting with you and answer your questions if you have any. Live online casinos mimic a real-world casino as closely as possible so you should act like you are in one.

Players who are used to RNG games know that they dictate the pace and they find live dealer games to be a bit slow for them. When you play live casino games, you have to wait for the other players to make their move so you have to adjust to their pace as well.

On the other hand, you will have a time limit to make your decision on what your next move will be, otherwise, the game will never end if everyone is taking their time. A very important thing, not to say crucial, is to have a good and stable internet connection. A large amount of information is transferred so for that reason you need a stable and fast internet connection.

To improve the performance you can lower the quality of the live feed down. If you lower the resolution lower to let's say 480p you will still have a good quality picture and it will massively lower the stress on your internet connection. If this doesn't help, then you will need to upgrade your Internet connection.

There are a limited number of seats available on live casino games. This is because the croupier needs to be able to interact with players.

This is not the case with Blackjack though. For instance, if you arrive late and there are no seats available you can wait for one to open and while you do you can place bets on currently occurring hands. This means you can participate in a game even though you are not directly playing the game.

Each table has betting limits so you will need to find the one that suits you the best. You don't want to sit on a table just to find out that the minimum bet limit is higher than you expected.

Things to Know About Blackjack

Things to Know About Blackjack

Blackjack has simple rules but still, it is thrilling to play, that is the main reason why it is so popular. There are different variations of the game so you need to get acquainted with the room before you start playing.

The games are also played at a different pace, so it is better to observe a given room before you start placing real money bets. And if you are a beginner then you should look for a table where the dealer pays out for 19.

Decide how much money you are spending before playing

This is a smart move every player should consider. If you lose then consider the money as a down payment for the fun you had, and if you win, then good for you, there is no better way to end a session than with a win. But remember, no matter what kind of apparent streak you may be on, never play with more money than you can afford to lose.

Read up on how to win at Blackjack with different strategies

We have to admit that some books have plenty of valuable information still there is no need for that if you are a complete beginner. Learn the basic rules and have some fun. All those complicated strategies can only confuse you while you are trying to get ahead of the game. If you learn when to stand, hit and split, you will significantly reduce the house edge and win more.

Don't mind other players when playing Blackjack

This game has nothing to do with poker where you have to observe other players and make your decisions based on theirs. In Blackjack, it is only you and the dealer.

At Ruby Fortune, you can play Blackjack for free before you decide to play for real money. This is a great way to learn a new game or to employ some of the strategies you have learned. We have to admit there is no payout when you play the games in demo mode but there is also no risk of losing money either.

Blackjack is, after all, a game of skill, so it would help to know what you are doing when you step up to the table.