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Online Roulette: Fibonacci Roulette Winning Strategy



The Fibonacci Strategy

This approach is based on the philosophy of Leonardo Fibonacci (1170 – 1250) who was renowned for his financially secure strategy to casino games, particular ly the Roulettes where he carved a reputation for himself. This Fibonacci Innovation has sequence numbers that are systematically correctly structured and must be properly followed which is why it was dubbed the Fibonacci sequence. Fibonacci strategy, to date, is seen as the most successful approaches. It is so because many gamers regard it as the healthiest roulette strategy – particularly when you place it alongside all other usual progressive methods such as the Martingale.

Online Roulette: Fibonacci Roulette Winning Strategy

How Best to Implement the Fibonacci Strategy

The technique behind Fibonacci winning strategy is better when it's devoted to the Outside bet (Odd or Even, Black and Red) and low1–18 or high19–36, which are both 50 per cent win. Please note that any attempt to try this technique with Inside Bets is a disaster formula.

Fibonacci Strategy Ideology

If you start by accruing a big loss, the Fibonacci method will keep you going longer than normal, but it may not be as dramatic as it will be if you operated in the Martingale style. In reality, when you are playing with Fibonacci, your losses would never be as big as the Martingale even with equivalent spins. This series consists of a basic concept defining the core of this strategy. It explicitly says that you will always add two previous wagered sums to your next bet, but you should start with 1. However, starting from 1 is not necessary, because you can be flexible on what your base number will be, it is just advisable to start at 1.

Here is a series on how you can manage your bets as you move through the game. 1 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 5 – 8 – 13 – 21 – 34 – 55 – 89 – 144 – 233 – 377 – 610 – 987 Note that the series is constructed by adding two previous numbers.

Perfect Guide to Execute the Fibonacci Strategy

You're going to continue playing with the outlined sequence from the top and keep going up the path steadily, and if you record losses continue until you win. Don't ever panic, a losing streak is a run that's equivalent to a winning streak if you play at Even Market Bets. Keep faith with the movement, a long streak of losses can be matched next with an equal or even more streak of wins. An advantage of playing the 50/50 market. You can switch to the next gear to keep track of the loss and win. If you realize you have break-even and at profit make this moves which can be accomplished in two ways: first, simply start the sequence again from the beginning, that is 1. You should start the sequence from the base. The second thing to do is to count back from the sequence two numbers and bet the amount if you know that you have gone up the sequence too further up and don't want to return. If you win this round again, count two numbers from the previous series immediately and then bet the number. So, until the beginning of the series, you will proceed there is no way you will not be profitable. The winning technique from Fibonacci has proven to be much simpler and easier to execute.

Strong Consideration for Using the Fibonacci Strategy - Keynote

You will find from the sequence that 1 appears twice when you start winning, make sure that you bet on the two numbers '1 and 1.' Wager 1 if won, wager 1 again. It's just about breaking even at the end of it. Know, too, that you can experience a back and forth situation after tracking back to the beginning, this is usually as a result of a constant swings in winning and losing. Make sure that you adhere to the schedule. Add the last two wagers and bet it on the next spin when you lose. If you win, step back and bet two sequences. If you miss a move, the mathematical algorithm will be messed up. Thus, a paper and pen may be required to maintain proper records.


If this method has proved to be secure, you must still be careful about something. Always pay attention to the maximum bet listed for the table on which you are about to play. It's a safe strategy, but in the game of roulette , nothing is guaranteed.

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