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Gambling Addiction: What is Exactly and How to Recognize it



Gambling is a passion, fun entertainment, even a smart way to meet new people, participating in exiting matches and tournaments. The challenge and the thrill pump up the adrenaline, for the enjoyment of the player. It's no doubt a roller coaster of fascinating feelings. But when a leisure activity becomes a constant practice and the player puts betting at the centre of his daily routine, then there is a good chance that he may develop compulsive gambling. This psychological disorder may lead to many problems, including losing personal and family savings, with the consequent occurrence of pathological anxiety and depression.

Gambling Addiction: What is Exactly and How to Recognize it

When Gambling Becomes a Problem

Recognizing a gambling problem is not easy, as the person involved tends to hide and conceal any problematic behaviour. Fortunately, there are many signs that could be taken into account to determine if a harmless hobby has slowly become an addiction. This makes it easier to get help before it gets worse. Clinically speaking, a compulsive gambler can't control his impulse to bet even is this affects his life in a negative way. For example, spending too much time playing may interfere with work or family commitments. The person affected by this condition is totally concentrated on his gambling routine, neglecting the rest of his daily activities.

The Most Common Symptoms of Addiction

What alarm bells have to be taken as a sign of a gambling problem? The most common are: keeping on betting even after the budget allocated to play has been lost, borrowing money from family or friends. When things get worse, the players may hide or lie about their gambling activity. In many instances, the gambler's close family members may recognise these symptoms before the person involved realizes what's happening to him. It can be painful to try to convince someone that needs professional advice. Nevertheless, it is essential to do everything that is possible to solve this problem before it's too late.

How to Tackle Addiction Problems

Let's keep in mind that compulsive gambling is a psychological disorder, and has to be treated accordingly. This means that the person that thinks that has developed an addiction should seek proper medical advice and psychological support, following a series of steps that will help overcome this problem. It is essential to keep a positive attitude; compulsive gambling can be cured. Besides, let's make it clear that having a passion for casino games is absolutely not a problem in itself, but just an exciting hobby and a way to relax while trying one's luck with a card game, a slot or maybe a sports bet.

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