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How to Enjoy Your Next Casino Holiday to the Fullest



Eddy Cheung

There is so much more to casino entertainment than playing the best casino games. Sometimes, you might feel the urge to travel to popular gambling destinations like Macau and Las Vegas. But as usual, planning for a proper casino holiday might be tedious. So, this guidepost will give you some tips to plan ahead and enjoy a fun casino vacation.

How to Enjoy Your Next Casino Holiday to the Fullest

Of course, Las Vegas and Macau are undoubtedly the most popular gambling cities globally. These gaming destinations feature a huge number of over-the-top gambling venues. Some are even considered tourist attractions. But apart from these cities, you can also visit Monte Carlo, Monaco and set foot in some of the most iconic casinos globally. London and Paris are other excellent gambling cities to spend your casino holiday.

Tip #2. Book a Nice Hotel

Now that you’ve already identified a vacation destination, it’s time to book a hotel in advance. Ideally, finding a hotel within your budget shouldn’t be a complicated task, especially if you’re visiting places like Vegas, Reno, and Monaco. Usually, you’ll find the most luxurious hotels within a casino. So, do your research and book a hotel online. Some even offer discounts for prior booking.

Tip #3. Explore the Town

Going on a gambling vacation might seem like booking yourself in a nice hotel and visiting a casino the whole day. In contrast, you should spend less time inside the casino/hotel and more of it having fun and exploring the town. Taking some time outside will give you a much-needed break from your weekly grinds and return to the casino refreshed and ready to win. You never know; you might meet someone new.

Tip #4. Have a Budget

Having a proper budget is the only way to ensure you spend some cool cash during your casino vacation. Draw up a budget with expenditures such as travel, drinks, lodging, food, among others. You can also set aside money for your gambling activities and emergencies if things get nasty back home. All in all, only spend money that you can comfortably do without after the eventful casino vacation.

Tip #5. Stay Sober During Gaming Sessions

Casino holiday trips can be a handful, especially if you’re accustomed to drinking alcohol. You might find yourself spending more than you budgeted for on the casino floor. That’s because drinks are readily available and the atmosphere is electric. But if you want to spend less during each gambling stint, don’t drink alcohol or purchase unnecessary drinks.

Tip #6. Install a Gambling App

Surprised why you need a gambling app on your trip to Las Vegas? As said earlier, a trip to these popular gambling venues doesn’t mean you’ll be spending most of your time inside a casino. As a result, you can still enjoy some action inside your hotel room playing on regulated online casinos. Not only that but online casinos are also known to offer bigger jackpots than their land-based counterparts. Remember, jackpots don’t wait.

Tip #7. Don’t Overthink

Do you know why you’re going on a casino holiday in the first place? Simple, to have fun and relax. Assuming you’ve already planned for the whole thing, it’s best to suspend your day-to-day activities and focus only on the trip in the meantime. Keep in mind that it’s normal to veer off the plan sometimes. So, don’t overthink it!


If you’re an avid casino player, a trip to Macau, Vegas, and other similar cities can be an excellent treat for yourself. Just make sure you’re prepared enough by following the tips above. Do your research, draw up a plan, create a budget, and let loose. That’s it!

AUTHOREddy Cheung

I remember the first time I saw Kai Tak, Hong Kong's gambling city, I thought I was in a fairy tale. All the lights blinking, the music and the monumental buildings, what 9-year-old wouldn’t think they’ve come to a magical place? It was my father who brought me, dragging me along and when inside I was hit by the smell of frying duck. As soon as I hit 21 I returned to Kai Tak, A bit nervous to see if my mind had embellished the memory, but it hadn’t. Kai Tak was still a magical place. I decided I wanted to spend as much time as I could at this place, so I did. For the next coming years I lived and breathed Kai Tak. Now I am married with kids, and they have become a part of my life too. That’s why I started exploring online casinos to create a better work-life balance and I couldn’t be happier!

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