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Online Roulette: Fibonacci Roulette Winning Strategy


This approach is based on the philosophy of Leonardo Fibonacci (1170 – 1250) who was renowned for his financially secure strategy to casino games, particular ly the Roulettes where he carved a reputation for himself. This Fibonacci Innovation has sequence numbers that are systematically correctly structured and must be properly followed which is why it was dubbed the Fibonacci sequence. Fibonacci strategy, to date, is seen as the most successful approaches. It is so because many gamers regard it as the healthiest roulette strategy – particularly when you place it alongside all other usual progressive methods such as the Martingale.

Online Roulette: The Labouchere Winning Strategy


This strategy was established by a prudent politician cum journalist of the 19th century who also had his magazine label, inter alia. A wealthy British aristocrat, Henry Labouchere had a foothold in Roulette and is a well-known player. He was famous for inventing and widely using a groundbreaking betting strategy now named after him - Labouchere Roulette Winning Strategy. This Strategy is not without its complexity which can put you off but can become your mainstay when fully acquainted with.

Online Roulette: Anti-Martingale Strategy


This strategy, otherwise known as Reversed Martingale or Paroli is one of the oldest techniques in playing the game of Roulette, a respected betting strategy used by the gamer. The Anti-Martingale Strategy has been in use since the 16th Century in Italy; however, this strategy is made popular through the game of Basset. In addition to the Roulette casino game, other online casino games with the 50% probability of winning, like Sic Bo, Craps or Blackjack, are now taking advantage of this strategy. This has been a key secret to winning online roulette these days.

Basic Blackjack Tips: A Winning Guide 


It is generally accepted that blackjack is one of the online casino games player's favourite if not the most loved. This is usually based on the higher payout it gives due to its relatively low house edge. This edge of the house in blackjack is small and can go as low as 3%. A player with some solid tricks can keep fishing big on this easily. 

Online Roulette: Martingale Strategy


The Martingale strategy is not a modern approach in the casino gambling sphere as it has been in place for several hundred years, Online casino has adopted this strategy and its potency. Martingale strategy is as old as the Roulette casino itself which is as far back as the eighteenth century in France. Martingale strategy was a tactic that widely used in the 50/50 'Head or Tail' game. It is a strategy that requires some mathematical proficiency, but it is not completely down to that. The Martingale strategy is a progressive gambling system used by gamers to double their stakes after a loss. This technique is reinforced by the sense that a losing streak cannot endure indefinitely, and all defeats are regenerated with a forthcoming victory. The concept behind it is clear in a brief. After each loss, you have to simply raise your bet to a double of the previous loss. Effectively, the moment you win, your lost funds will be recouped then you can go back to the minimum starting amount.

New Online Casino Rules Hit the UK Market as Reform Looms, Major Concerns Outlined


A new set of rules to produce online games has been introduced by British gaming companies as they are trying to combat problem of gambling in the face of imminent industry changes. Slowing down spin rates on slot machines, banning many contentious game features and increased accessibility to cleaner gaming details are new steps.

Online Bingo: Tips to Increase Chances of Winning


In present-day online casino gaming, the Bingo has grown in leap and bound gaining more attention. Usually, people have seen the traditional bingo as a time-waster because of the turnaround time before a game gets to finish especially during a surge period when a lot of people are involved. However, with the emergence of the online version, this notion has been quelled with the involvement of technology, a plus to online casinos.

The Live Dealer Casino - The Sweet, The Bitter and The Dilemma


With online Casino revolve so fast, the industry has completely up the ante with the integration of the Live Casino game which is otherwise known as the Live Dealer Casino. To learn about the Live Casino, you definitely must have to know about online casino games. If you are a lover of the social engagement experienced in a casino, you will get it here as well yet virtually.

Slot Games That Pump in Fortunes


It is no doubt that slot games are the most popular in the entire online casino gambling ecosystem. It is massive enough that it has over 6000 variants of games as at today, games produced by some of the best games providers in the industry. Two things are certain about slot games aside from the fact that its popularity has beclouded every table games.

Roulette: The Historical Background, Type of Roulette and Bet Types


The history of roulette history has numerous twists and variants as the game has progressed gradually from the old method to what we have in today's online casino. Though Roulette does not have a particular historical beginning, it is, however, generally accepted to have been invented in the 17th century. Till date, roulette still ranks top of the charts as one of the world's most famous casino games even in the online sphere. In the 17th century, a popular French mathematician named Blaise Pascal invented the traditional phenomenon called roulette but in the most bizarre way. Blaise Pascal was regarded as an authority with his studies, a famous figure in the field of science and mathematics. One of his great works was the creation of probability in mathematics. It was in the process of doing this that the game roulette came to live, albeit, coincidentally. It is during one of his ongoing search for the creation of a motion machine for another reason, Roulette was accidentally produced. Since then it has been regarded as a by-product of a separate study.

4 Tips to Help you Choose an Online Slot Game


Just a decade ago, the best online casinos had a few hundred games for players to select. However, today, leading online casinos offer thousands of entertaining slot games. In essence, this means that players can choose to play a new game every day for years on one online casino. But as exciting and attractive as it sounds, it would be better to know which slots to choose when seeking a game that guarantees a win. So to find the diamond in the rough, here are some tips that will help you find an online casino game that is worth your time.

Hilarious Facts About Online Casinos That Will Crack You Open


The consensus is that gambling is not for underage persons, usually anyone below the age of 18 or according to your jurisdiction regulations. This tells one thing, that online casino gambling or any other kind of gambling is a serious engagement that can make or mar a player. Well, I can also tell you for a fact that some eventualities will make you drop the curiosity and seriousness for a while and laugh away.  These occurrences are the hilarious scenarios that have happened amid serious gaming. You will certainly go awed, amused, shocked and sometimes, you can freeze for a few seconds. Alright! Now let us tear open some amazing facts. 

How To Detect a Rogue Casino


It is not doubted that online casinos come with ease, flexibility and convenience. It also offers the opportunity to gamble at your own pace, you can as well sample over a thousand games at a time. All these sweet features of the online casino cannot be elucidated with highlighting some risk or frustration that can be encountered. The risk of not having full knowledge of the online casino you play on can be as enormous as losing all your money without a trace on how to get it back. This happenstance can be averted in good time if a player can detect that the online casino he is patronizing is a Rogue Casino.

What makes online casinos special?


Online casino is typically the modernization of the traditional casino known to everyone. It is the internet version of everything that happens in a casino hall, however, with plenty of control and monitoring to avoid foul plays. With the online casino, every gamer or bettor can enjoy the latest titles while their favorite games can also be played. The online casino has made it easier for people to engage with various casino games without any restrictions. The mobility factor associated with the internet has enabled everyone to play online casino in their comfort zone without losing the casino ambience. Playing for real money is the real deal, however, several online casinos also allow you to play free games for fun while you sharpen your gaming skills. Factors to consider when choosing an online casino

Bankroll Management Tips for Casino Players in Japan


Bankroll management skills influence a player's chances at an online casino. That is the main reason every player should invest his or her time and effort in learning and consistently improving this skill. That should be done regardless of the amount of money loaded into the account. Bankroll management is probably the most unexciting part of online betting. It takes time to perfect the skill because of thrill and fun. One way of learning is by getting training from an expert and experienced player. Players should turn to resources offered at the casino. And here is what a player needs to manage their bankroll.

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