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VBET Online Casino Review 2020

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Responsible Gaming

Betting is a leisure activity but some players want to take advantage of it. In those cases, betting becomes an addiction and gamblers need to take steps to prevent their participation in gaming activities as soon as possible.

If you or someone you know develops a gambling addiction it is very important to seek professional help. You can contact one of these organizations for support and advice:

GambleAware - GamCare UK - Gamblers Anonymous UK - Gambling Therapy - The National Council on Problem Gaming -

Deposit Limit

Even before you start to gamble we advise you to limit your deposit. That way you will not allow getting lured into an activity that you would normally avoid. When you set limits, the casino will send a reminder when you reach the amount you have previously determined. You can set daily, weekly or monthly deposit limits and that way you can control your gaming more effectively. Once you set a limit, you can decrease that limit whenever you want, but keep in mind that it will take 7 days to increase it. This is a cooling-off period that will allow you to reconsider your decision. If you want to set deposit limits you can do that from the 'My Profile' section of your account or you can ask the Customer Agents to assist you.

Self-Assessment Test

It can be very difficult to diagnose problem gambling and you will definitely need help from an expert. A self-assessment test is just a tool you can use to estimate and define your own gambling behavior. There are some signals that may indicate a problem really exists. Go through the questions and answer them honestly for your own benefit.

  1. You are fully immersed by gambling and that is all you think about.
  2. You increase your bet stakes, especially after a losing streak.
  3. You attempt to quit gambling but without any success.
  4. You show signs of anxiety and disappointment when you can't gamble.
  5. You see gambling as a means of escape from problems.
  6. You chase losses regularly.
  7. You lie about your gambling behavior.
  8. You commit illegal acts.
  9. You have broken your relationship with family, spouse or colleagues.
  10. You borrow money to gamble.


At Vbet, you can self-exclude from gambling for a certain period of time, just to take a break and concentrate on other things in life. Another option that is available is Time Out and Reality Check facilities.

If you choose to self-exclude from gambling you can do that for a period of six months to five years. During this period you can't access your account and the casino will not send any marketing and promotional materials to you either.

When the self-exclusion period is over, you can contact customer support if you wish to open your account again. Even then, they will give you a 24-hour 'cooling-off' period.

There are also specific software products available to help you during this time such as:

Gambling Problem

Gambling addiction is similar to other addictive disorders and is considered a mental health problem. The urge to gamble is so intense and problem gamblers can't control themselves and as a result, gambling has a negative impact on the person and their loved ones too. It can be very difficult to recognize the signs of gambling addiction at times. We have prepared a list of signs that you can use as a guide to detecting any negative behavior:

  1. The only thing you want to do is to gamble, and you have lost interest in other aspects of life.
  2. You are gambling to escape problems you have in life.
  3. You can't stop gambling, even if you know it has a negative effect on your life.
  4. You increase your bet size in order to win back the losses.
  5. You lie about the time and money you spend on gambling.
  6. You borrow money to gamble.
  7. You steal money to gamble.
  8. You prefer to spend your leisure time gambling rather than with your family and friends.


If you realize that gambling has a negative impact on your life then you should consider closing your account. We advise you to contact Customer Support as soon as possible. You can register with Gamstop, which is a tool that will help you self-exclude from all gambling sites licensed in the UK. If you want to register or find out something more about Gamstop just head to their official website at

Responsible Gaming

There are some simple steps you need to take in order to have a successful and anxiety-free gaming session. Just follow these simple guidelines every time you decide to play:

  1. Don't see gambling as a way to make money.
  2. Always take breaks when you play. You can do that by setting a time limit and once the time is up, you should quit.
  3. Gamble with money you can afford to lose.
  4. Set a limit and once you reach it, never increase it.
  5. Don't chase your losses.
  6. Never play under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  7. Never gamble when you feel depressed.

Reality Check

You should activate the Reality Check to help you manage your playing time. This way a popup alert will be displayed reminding you of the time you have been logged into your account. You will predetermine the alerts and how often you want them to appear. You can access the reality Check settings in the 'My Profile' section of your account, or you can contact Customer Support and they will assist you.

7Total score
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7Total score
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