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What Is RTP?

RTP stands for Return to Player and the phrase is used to explain the sum of money, in percentage terms, that a casino game or a casino slot machine can be expected to pay back to its customers. It is used by both traditional casinos and online casinos.

This is best explained by using a practical example. Say for instance a slot machine has a 90% RTP, if the customer has $100 and it costs $1 a spin to play then they can expect to end up with $90 after 100 spins. That is the Return to Player value for that specific slot machine.

Now note, this is just an average figure based on the life of the machine, and usually calculated over a minimum play of one million spins. The player could get lucky and walk away with more, or they might end up taking home much less than they gambled.

It is also worth remembering that the figure doesn't necessarily indicate how often a player is likely to win, but just the average percentage return. For instance, there could be two games with a value of 95%, the customer might play the first game 99 times and win nothing but on their 100th play win $95. The second game they might play 100 times also, and win on 30 occasions, collecting $95 in total. Both games have an RTP of 95%.

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What Is RTP?

Why Should I Pick An Online Casino With A High RTP?

Quite simply the higher the value the more money a player can expect to receive over time, on average, when they play that game.

Many slot machines have the RTP of the game displayed for players to see, usually on the information or rules page of the game, so it is always something worth checking out.

Generally, in terms of RTP, anything with a figure of 98% or above is considered high, a mid-range or average game would fall into the 95% to 97.99% bracket, whilst anything below 94.99% would be considered low.

The actual RTP of a game is unlikely to be reached in one single session because, as has been mentioned, it is something that is calculated in the long-term. However the basic fact is that, on average, a player is likely to win more often on a game with a 98% RTP than one with a figure of 90%.

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