Ministry of Interior of the State of Schleswig-Holstein

In 2012, Schleswig-Holstein allowed online casinos to submit license applications for a six-month timeframe.

This made the German Schleswig-Holstein first to license online gambling casinos in the region. All the state’s online licences were issued at that time for a six-year duration.

Although the state has joined the federal regulations governing gambling, those licenses issued or renewed prior to joining with other states under the federal act are still active and allow licensed casinos to operate within the region.

Following strict regulations, these casinos are considered safe to wager, as the online licenses permitted well-respected gambling establishments in Europe and Germany online operating rights.

Ministry of Interior of the State of Schleswig-Holstein
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Online casinos licensed by Schleswig-Holstein

In the last ten years, European regions have ramped up regulations for online gambling on both the state and federal levels. For Germany, the current Act regulates digital gambling for each of the 16 states. This modern framework is an evolution from Germany’s gambling structure in 2012.

At that time, Schleswig-Holstein developed a gambling act that was separate from the federal act, even though the regulations in both acts were similar. Under this act, the state-issued 6-year licenses to those operators who followed the region's gambling laws and regulations.

While those licenses should have been null by 2019, the billions of euros generated by gambling in the region prompted the state to continue regulating gaming operations and tax collection. In 2019, a law passed, which continued the casino licenses that operators received in 2012.

888 is one of the most popular casinos operating in the region.

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About Schleswig-Holstein License

The most well-respected digital casinos across the globe submitted applications when Schleswig-Holstein began accepting the initial license applications. Consequently, several of the sites applying were already licensed in other regions and operating high-quality casinos.

Moving into Schleswig-Holstein simply required submitting an application and adhering to the financial and regulatory requirements set in place by the state. High tax rates for online gambling revenue meant that smaller operators are not likely to afford the stringent requirements of licensure.

However, since regulators know that it takes substantial resources to maintain an online casino properly, the laws are structured to ensure that operators maintain a strong financial structure, remitting casino tax dollars to the state to help fund public projects.

The governing body cracks down on unlicensed operators to ensure that licensed casinos receive the bulk of casino revenue in the area from the state’s citizens.


Nonetheless, Schleswig-Holstein’s process was intense to ensure strict vetting of those casinos chosen to operate in the state.

Operational requirements include financial stability, operational integrity, transparency, and processes to address gambling addiction. As a result of the strict requirements, the list of online casinos operating in the region is considered extremely safe.

These well-managed online casinos offer entertaining gaming content with the proper structures to assure player safety.

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