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Best 36 Blackjack Online Casinos in Malta 2020

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Malta is a gaming haven and has been for quite some time now. It is even a trusted authority in casino regulation, both for online and land-based gambling. As such, it is easy to understand that gambling is a widely popular activity in the central Mediterranean archipelago.

Blackjack is undoubtedly seen as one of the most popular games played in Maltese casinos. Since it is a game of skill, it is popular among most players who have racked up skills over a long period of practice. The game's speed offers an advantage to players who can make quick decisions and also use advantage play.

How to Win at Blackjack

Winning a game of blackjack is a combination of luck and skill. Winning comes by getting the best two-card hand, which should be 21 or closest without going over (busting). The game is actually often referred to as twenty-one.

In the course of play, players may get extra cards dealt to them or discard others. Quick decisions about what to do with the cards in hand are vital to win in a blackjack round. Moreover, going into the game with a winning strategy can be most helpful. Players can take time outside competitive blackjack gambling to come up with a plan that works for them.

Blackjack Basic Strategy

Blackjack strategy is quite detailed and wide-ranging. However, the essential part of it is to know when to hit and when to stand. This is usually determined by the number of decks that are being used in a game, which determine how one deals with the hand they have. There is also knowing when to double and when to split.

There are tables available online to guide players on when to take each action when playing with between four and eight card decks. However, it would be really impractical to try and use these tables during actual gameplay. Players need to memorize them slowly over time.

Basic Rules in Blackjack

Blackjack rules are relatively straightforward. Players actually compete against the dealer (house) rather than against other players. The point of the game is to gain a 21-total two-card hand without exceeding (busting). The game is always played with one or more decks, each with 52 cards. Mostly, houses play with between four and eight decks.

Number cards are worth the value written on them. Face cards are all worth ten. The Ace is either worth one or ten. They can be soft or hard. In a soft game, the value of the 11 ace drops to one to prevent players from busting. In a hard game, the value is 11 throughout.

The Popularity of Gambling on Malta

As mentioned earlier, gambling is prevalent in Malta. The country's view on the practice is generally liberal, and this is reflected in its regulations. Even before online gambling took prominence, land-based casinos in Malta were bee-hives of activity. This led to the sharpening of gambling skills among many Maltese residents.

The introduction of online casinos has made players find it even easier to access casino games, pushing the popularity of the practice even further up. Malta is known for its insistence on regulating casinos (avoiding fraud, ensuring fairness, etc.). This is also a contributing factor. A lot of individuals who go to the attractive destination also enjoy gambling.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulation on Malta

Pertaining to its citizens, residents, and visitors, Malta has very favorable laws. Both online and offline casinos are allowed in the country, and there is a general friendliness towards gambling. Players must have attained the minimum age of 18 years if non-resident, and 25 if they are locals.

The country is, however, rigorous in its regulation of casinos. For a gaming house to receive a license from the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), it has to satisfy strict requirements of fairness, consumer protection, and promotion of responsible gambling. Because of this keenness, casinos licensed in Malta are widely popular even beyond the country's borders.

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